So this last week the kids have been with me, so not so much information on the progress...

I've been tidying up a lot, getting rid of the stuff I tor down the week before the kids came to be with me.

On Saturday my little brother Alex came to help me put in a new window. No more draft from the broken window and it's nice and warm inside, though the cold hasn't really set in yet so time will tell. The empty part beneath the window has been covered up by now.

One of the walls I took down was a support wall for the beams so I had put up a new support where the door was before. My brother couldn't help himself but said that the wall had to go, so new support beams were put in place in order to open the room up totally.


He even managed to support the beam inside the kitchen wall so the wall will be even all the way under the stairs. This opened up for a different approach to the kitchen, so new plans were made.

I don't think I've shown you how the kitchen looked before. Here is a before picture

Original 70's kitchen, would bee cool to keep the retro look, but I think it wouldn't be in so many peoples taste when I sell (not that I'm thinking of it) so a new kitchen will be fitted. More to come on that topic later...

Other things. I thought I would be able to do some work Monday, but it turned out I had a school meeting that took some time. The only thing I got done was empty some of the waste at the recycling plant and buying the wood flooring for the first floor.

25 packets of wood flooring all in place in the living room. I'm seriously going to build some muscle during this makeover :-)

Today I finished the walls. I love these panels I've put up. They are called Walls2paint. You put them up almost like flooring and they are ready to paint when you are done. I've used a nail gun to put them up, and they are glued together as well. The painting will be done at a later time. They are painted white cotton from the factory so, the look finished.

I also started on the flooring today. The floorboards are a dream to put down, and I love the result.

And here is a picture of the difference new and old.

An other reason that I have been absent on the blog is that we have gotten a new family member, and I'm not talking about a new kid. I have enough of them as it is :-P

Meet Lykke (Lucky) She is 9 weeks old and is just lovely. The name she got is because she has 6 toes on each foot, and some think this brings good luck.

I hope to finish the flooring tomorrow, Thursday I have the day off going to a concert (Ina Wroldsen) and eating out with good friends and family.


Talk to you all soon <3

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15.11.2017 kl.09:54

Gleder meg til ta en titt igjen. Det er 1 1/2 uke siden jeg beundret fremdriften

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