Prioritizing... preserving energy... welcoming a new boost of energy :-)

I'm back :-) After having the flu and a down period...

The last two months I have been prioritizing getting the things done so that the electrician could finish his work (and getting rid of the horrible extention cords).

Living room-bedroom wall

The wall between the living room and the bedroom is (almost) finished :-)

All the cables have been hidden in the wall in order to keep a clean finish. Built in speakers will be installed in the wall as well. I just have to find the perfect pair :-) And thanks to my friend Marianne who helped me with paneling the ceiling in the living room.

The Kitchen

In order to install the downlights in the kitchen, I had to lower the ceiling. I'm really pleased with the result.

The kitchen island without cooking top

With the cooking top. Here you can also see how the back of the island will be finished. I'm using the same sheeting as the rest of the walls. It will be painted the same color as the walls.


As you can see some of the paneling in the ceiling is finished.  And my sister helped me install the ventilator.

And the molding round the window makes for an instant finished look.

I have also put up wardrobes in Sindres, the girls and my room. Finally some space for clothes...

That brings me to the last room I'm presenting today

The bedroom

My bedroom :-D

I've actually managed to fill all of the space in the wardrobe :-P   I guess I'll have to go through everything later and donate some of it to charity.

A headboard will also be put up, but I have to be sure of the placing of the bed and the design.

And last but not least, the electrician has finished his handywork (and the fuses don't blow on a regular basis)


To sum it up

It's been a hard 3 months, my account is empty (when the electrician bill arrives) and anything that remains shoul wait for a while. It's time to sit back and relax a bit and take time to settle in. In reality that means I MIGHT be able to sit on my but for a week... and then I will be back in high gear. Something about getting things done so that I really can relax when spring and summer arrives :-P

My to do list in the nearest future

  1. Order and get a heat pump installed
  2. Finish the ceiling in the dining area (I have alle the material i need)
  3. Put in a new door to the hallway (have to buy the door)
  4. Finish the wall between the living room and bedroom (4 sheets I need to buy)
  5. Finish the down light case (1 sheet I need to buy)
  6. Finish the back of the kitchen island (1 sheet I need to buy)
  7. Finishing spackling on all corners and edges for a smooth finish before painting
  8. Find out which color I'm going to paint the kitchen/livingroom and get the finishing touch (need paint)
  9. Finish all the molding against floor/ceiling/doors (need to buy a lot)

There are some remaining stuff on the second floor as well, but that will be pushed back a bit.

Long time no see... sorry😕

Sorry for not posting in a while... I guess I started off a bit hard, the result was that I felt a burn out coming on, but managed to avoid it. some work has been done, but not at the same pace as before. When I went back to check the last post I see how much I actually have done

I've been juggling two different things the past weeks. Getting all my stuff out of the old house and doing some stuff in the new house. I've had alle the kids in between as well, so I've focused some of my energy on them :-)

What has been done since the last post:

  • The flooring is done
  • The plumber has done his first part of the job (taking out the old, in with the new)
  • The electrician has installed all the tubing for the wiring
  • The kitchen is almost finished

I'm trying my best to keep it tidy around the first floor since we live in the renovation mess. I have also taken some time off to go out with friends and take a time out. It was much needed.


Here are some pictures from the last week (s) :-)

Work in progress on the kitchen:

And the almost finished result:

Some new furniture has been introduced as well. My aunt had some chairs she was replacing, and my brother had a round table I bought. Beginning to feel at home here now :-)



The framework for the wall between the living room and new bedroom is up. Plastic on one side so I finally can have a good nights sleep. The cat only wants to lay on top of me at night, and that makes for troubled sleep :-P



Got to get to bed now. Talk to you soon🙃



So this last week the kids have been with me, so not so much information on the progress...

I've been tidying up a lot, getting rid of the stuff I tor down the week before the kids came to be with me.

On Saturday my little brother Alex came to help me put in a new window. No more draft from the broken window and it's nice and warm inside, though the cold hasn't really set in yet so time will tell. The empty part beneath the window has been covered up by now.

One of the walls I took down was a support wall for the beams so I had put up a new support where the door was before. My brother couldn't help himself but said that the wall had to go, so new support beams were put in place in order to open the room up totally.


He even managed to support the beam inside the kitchen wall so the wall will be even all the way under the stairs. This opened up for a different approach to the kitchen, so new plans were made.

I don't think I've shown you how the kitchen looked before. Here is a before picture

Original 70's kitchen, would bee cool to keep the retro look, but I think it wouldn't be in so many peoples taste when I sell (not that I'm thinking of it) so a new kitchen will be fitted. More to come on that topic later...

Other things. I thought I would be able to do some work Monday, but it turned out I had a school meeting that took some time. The only thing I got done was empty some of the waste at the recycling plant and buying the wood flooring for the first floor.

25 packets of wood flooring all in place in the living room. I'm seriously going to build some muscle during this makeover :-)

Today I finished the walls. I love these panels I've put up. They are called Walls2paint. You put them up almost like flooring and they are ready to paint when you are done. I've used a nail gun to put them up, and they are glued together as well. The painting will be done at a later time. They are painted white cotton from the factory so, the look finished.

I also started on the flooring today. The floorboards are a dream to put down, and I love the result.

And here is a picture of the difference new and old.

An other reason that I have been absent on the blog is that we have gotten a new family member, and I'm not talking about a new kid. I have enough of them as it is :-P

Meet Lykke (Lucky) She is 9 weeks old and is just lovely. The name she got is because she has 6 toes on each foot, and some think this brings good luck.

I hope to finish the flooring tomorrow, Thursday I have the day off going to a concert (Ina Wroldsen) and eating out with good friends and family.


Talk to you all soon <3

Getting there...

So, I'm sorry for not updating you all before. I've been kind of busy :-P

My goal the last week was to have gotten so far on this project that the kids could stay here as well. And guess what? I made it :-)

First things first, the second floor. I'm done with the flooring and it looks great.

The kids rooms are already in use. Here are som pictures, kind of messy but will get better when all the furniture is in place.

I've been working my way down to the first floor... Gotten a test run done on the stairs.Gray is the color theme I'm going for in the livingroom\kitchen area. I've actually managed to forget to take a before picture of the stairs... There were posts going down every 10 cm by the railing. I've gotten rid of them and there will be a glass put up to replace it so it's secure for the kids. There vas also a wall beneath the stairs. I have taken it away so I can have my desk there instead.

Yesterday my brother came over to help with some demolition. The wall between the livingroom and kitchen was taken down. Now I really get the feel of how it will be when the kitchen comes up.

Since the kids ar occupying the rooms upstairs I have gotten my bed in place as well. There will be a wall put up after the flooring is put down. For now I will be sleeping "open-plan"

All the walls in the living room are also stripped of the wall paper. It actually went off pretty easy. It was kind of dusty here for a while, but now I have been washing and washing and washing and washing to get it good and clean. There is now a clean smell og pine needles throughout the house.

If everything goes as planned this next week I will need some help putting in the new window in the kitchen, new wall covering and hopefully starting on the kitchen... It all depends on how much I can get done while having the kids here...

I feel that no matter how much or little I get done the next week. I'm right on track :-)


There will be posted a video in a few as well. I couldn't attach it to this post.


Day 3

I'm om track :-)

Today Sindres room is done with paint both on walls and ceiling. The flooring will be put down tomorrow (I think...)

Here is a picture of after:


I have also painted tha last wall in the bathroom, but I didn't have enough time (or the tools) to put up the new sink. I'll try again tomorrow, I'll update you with a picture when it's done.

In the girls room two of the walls are done, while the last two only has one coating. The last coating gos on tomorrow before the flooring begins.

This is it so far:


In Didriks room I have painted the ceiling twice and torn down a bit to create a built in bed.

Here is the progress so far (and yes, this is where I keep my tools :-) :



The fist two days

So, I've been buisy the last two days :-)

I got the keys on Monday at 3 PM and have gotten a whole lot don since then.

First, my sister har been fabolous giving me a helping hand. On Monday we washed the walls in all the bedrooms on the second floor.I should have taken a picture of the water and walls in progress, but it was so disgusting that i couldn't... The water was brown like dark beer.

We also got rid of the bathtub, I knew I wouldn't be able to get it out on my own.

After Vibeke left i washet the walls and ceiling in the bathroom.

On tuesday even more got done.

In Sindres room the ceiling was painted. Here is a before\after picture.

I dont't think this ceiling has ever been white...

Also i painted the bathroom ceiling and walls. I thing the result was great. I haven't presented the bathroom before so here are some pictures before and in progress. Also one of the shower cabinet i put up yesterday.

Some work still to be done in the bathroom. I have to get a new sink in place and one wall neds al last coat of paint.

Today I'm planning on painting the walls in the bedrooms so the flooring can be put down tomorrow.


Talk to you soon.

Temporary setback

Sadly I did not get my house today. The transfer from the bank hadn’t gotten through to the realtor... 😥

But on Monday it should all be in place.

I’ll update you all soon

Getting the keys

YES! I'm getting the keys on Friday at 3 PM. So this weekend I'm washing and painting the second floor. Hopefully I can start With the flooring on monday :-)

Anyone feeling up for helping out? Just let me know and we'll find out what time ;-) ;-)

A short post this time, just to update you on the good News :-)


More to come...

Last bedroom upstairs, Didrik

Didrik is 15 years old and loves to play games like Sims and other building&interior games.

This room is a bit smaller than the first two. But I want tom make the most of the space above the stairs. I'm planning on making a built in bed vith plenty of storage underneath. Its still in the planning faze. But I think the end result will be great.

This room is next to Sindre's room. The room has a door leading onto the roof terrace, but it will be replaced with a window later in order to get the best use of the space I feel like the door takes up too much space.

Didrik wants to be surprized by the colors in his room but has given me some guidelines. The walls inside the built in bed will be painted 'Korall' and the other walls 'Morgendis'. He likes dark colors, but in a relatively small room we can't go all dark.

The walls in this room are semi OK, but as the other two rooms they will be replaced with new sheeting in time. The ceiling as well. The flooring will be replaced when the painting is done, again seamlessly from the hallway.

Next room, Sindre

Sindre, my eldest is 18 and going to university next year. He will still be living at home.

His room is quite a good size for someone who studies, lots of room for study and play (TV-games and Programming)

The walls in this room are not nice at all. I'll have to consider what to do for the basic prepp of the walls before i decide. Like the last room, this one will have the ceiling painted 'klassisk hvit' but the walls will be the color 'Tidls'. There will also be new flooring put in, the same as all the other rooms on this floor. The thresholds will be cut away so that the floor runs seamlessly from one room, through the hallway, to the other rooms.

In the long run the window will be replaced by a door that leeds onto a roof terrace. But I have to get permission both from the co-op and building authorities before I can do that. The walls and ceiling will also be covered with new sheeting in time.

New day, new room, Iselin and Tiril

Today I'm going to show you the room my two girls are going to share. They are 5 and 7 and for the time being they love to play together.

To the right in this picture there is a large wardrobe. I will be removing this to open the width of the room.

At first I was planning on doing a total renovation of this room. New ceiling, new walls, new windows and new flooring. After thinking about how much I have to do in this house to make it livable, I have decided on postponing some of the work. I will be painting the ceiling in the color 'Klassisk hvit' and walls in the colors 'Lille prinsesse' and 'Lys syrin'.

I will also lay down new flooring, and I think I have found the floor i would like to use already.

A drywall at this end, from the door on the left to the wall on the right, opening up form the hallway so I will have some storagespace. I guess that means everything I need on a regular basis but dont't want to be messy everywhere will be kept in here.

The result is a square room and i feel it will be easier to furnish it.

I already have some of the furniture for this room, but I will need to install some kind of closet or drawers for storing clothes.


I think my girls will love it here :-)

The start

On wednesday I'm signing the papers for this house. I hope I can get in before the weekend. And by getting in, I don't meen live there yet. You all will see what I mean when you see the different rooms.

Lets start with the exterior;

It's a linked house, or some of you might say rowhouse. Its built in 1969, and I think time has stood still since itwas new. And that's going to change now.

Fortunately, the exterior is not my responsibility. My new home is part of a housing co-operative. This means that the outside grounds and exterior of the buildings are everyones responsibility. By paying an amount every month, renovations of the exterior will be handled by professional builders and landscapers. This has been done on a regular basis, so there is no need of renovations outside.

One thing that I will have to do over time is replace the windows and doors. The previous owners decided not to replace them when the other houses did, due to the cost it would take to do it. On the other hand it will be cheeper for me to replace them myself.

Here are som pictures of the exterior:

Rockabilly kjole

#rockabilly #kjole #sm

Idag satte jeg meg som ml lage kjole til datteren min p 5 r. Jeg elsker rockabilly stilen og hver gang jeg tar p meg finstasen sier hun "snn kjole vil jeg ogs ha mamma"

Jeg startet med overdelen. Tegnet mnster ut fra mlene hennes og en t-skjorte. Valgte lage overdelen dobbel. Smen rundt halsen og ermene ble sydd.

Deretter klippet jeg hakk slik at kjolen skulle bli penere ved vrenging

Skjrtet ble klippet ut som en hel runding og ble sydd fast i overdelen.

Glemte ta noen bilder underveis... M bli bedre p dokumentasjon 😜

Ble utrolig fornyd med resultatet. Neste prosjekt blir kjole til jenta p snart 3☺

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